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We supply all our customers with the freshest, high quality fruits and vegetables. We aim to provide our products to any country, so that all can enjoy the taste of exotic flavors they have never tasted at their home, all with our signature freshness. It’s our desire to supply you and your customer’s delicious fruits at a price that is as friendly as the taste. We achieve our quality through a rigorous selection of agro products and partnering with our growers who share our vision of affordable, quality – as well as our insistence on operating a sustainable supply chain

What we do..

We are a Kenyan based premium supplier and producer of fresh Kenyan fruits and vegetable. We export to Europe and middle east and we are happy to provide you with the highest quality products and service available

Fresh and delicious

Thanks to our strong sourcing and nationwide network of own and contracted farmers we are able to deliver fresh produce reliably throughout the year. Our own cold storage and logistic chain ensures that our products will find their way to the consumer as fresh and delicious as possible

How we

Our employees and our wide network of contracted farmers are our biggest asset. We focus on taking good care of our employees and contract partners and we ensure sustainable income to our partnering farming communities. We employ good agriculture practice in everything we do and put a lot of effort in development of our own staff and partnering farmers. All our production in organic or open field cultivation certified by the Kenyan ministry of environment & water