This mid- to late-season, long, pear-shaped cultivar is of dark green colour and normally weighs between 250 – 410 g. The skin is medium-thick, leathery and pebbled; the high-quality pale green flesh has high oil content (18 –20%) and is of smooth, creamy texture. The small seed separates readily from the flesh with the coat adhering to the seed. The fruit ships well and has a good shelf life. The tree is of medium size, but more spreading than Hass, bears early, regularly and heavily. The recommended planting distance should be 6 m x 6 m.


  • good shelf life
  •  stores and ships well
  • late variety
  • small seed
  •  excellent peeling and flesh characteristics
  • medium-sized tree
  •  regular good cropper
  •  tolerates low temperatures
  • resistant to cercospora
  • Disadvantages: